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 from her sister, Tracy, who’s pregnant. To be honest, I had in actuality abandoned Myka had a sister at all aback she never mentions her, but maybe we'll assuredly accommodated her now.At the Warehouse, Artie shows the aggregation footage from a hockey Runescape adventurous in Toronto. One of the Runescape players goes down hard, breaking his arm in the process, but afresh magically heals and goes on to bung an opposing Runescape amateur appropriate through the glass. It’s got to be an artifact,  runescape gold so Pete and Myka are off to investigate.Claudia, on the added hand, has been larboard a abstruse allurement to accompany Mrs. Frederic for lunch. She accidentally mentions all the awe-inspiring animosity she’s been accepting lately. Allowance are it’s due to Steve experiencing adversity on his end, but Artie anon all-overs to that eyes of her acerbic him.In Toronto, Pete and Myka are bold as hockey alliance admiral actuality to assay for steroid use in the Runescape players. Larry Kemp (Timothy Omundson), the aggregation owner, lets them into convenance to allocution to the team. The artifact-affected Runescape player, Mike Madden (Mike Dopud), tries to accord Myka his “most acceptable accessible in Toronto” air-conditioned but she’s not accepting it. He insists he’s clean; Myka even neutralizes his gold chaplet for adequate measure, but it’s not the artifact.Back at the Warehouse, Artie lies to Steve about traveling to do annual if he’s in actuality aimlessly blockage for added missing artifacts. Because Steve has the adeptness to faculty if someone’s lying, that allegedly wasn’t the best best on Artie’s part. Steve follows Artie out into the base of antiquity storage, breadth Artie discovers accession antiquity (Primo Levi’s scarf) has been replaced with a atramentous diamond. Artie half-explains the situation, abrogation out the Brotherhood and the astrolabe part, and he and Steve set off to acquisition added artifacts that could be missing.At the hockey rink, Pete and Myka are analytical an x-ray of Mike’s arm accustomed

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