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zjautopartsLee Feb 25 '16

Valve seat is a kind of micrometering valve, whose plug is like a needle, and is mainly used for adjust gas flow. Micrometering valve requires valve port opens gradually, and it can adjust continuously from closed to totally opened. Needle valve plug can realize this function. Needle valve plug is made of quenched steel needle while the seat is made of tin, copper and other soft materials. The seal between the needle and the seat is depend on the match up of their conical surface. There are two kinds of needle taper: 1:50 and 1:60, and its surface needs to be polished carefully. The seal between the rod and the seat is rely on bellows.

Functional classification of needle valve

(1)Needle valve - adjust the direction of the flow, such as needle valve, group valve, etc...

(2)Gauge valve - control the oil pressure, such as group valve, needle valve, 5 valve group, DSJ-M, etc..

(3)Needle valve plug - control the size of oil flow, such as stainless steel needle valve, tri-valve set, etc...

In order to reduce hydraulic components and pipes in instrument valve system, tube valve is generally made of two or more than two group valves, such as needle valve, steel needle valve, DSJ-M, card-type connector set, ferrule-type compression joint, ball valve for air supply, group valve, tri-valve set, etc...

Because the instrument valves are composed of the evolution of the above three kinds of valves , they can be classified among these three kinds according to the role and function of the needle valve. Besides, most control valves are assembled to maneuvering box or manifold block to reduce the volume of the hydraulic system

According to joint, it can be classified to tubular and plate type. Tubular adopts screw joint, it directly in series in the pipeline system, no more other special joint, for it is inconvenient to maintain. Plate type needs specialized junction plate, but thanks to its compact system, it is convenient to adjust and maintain. The methods that make the valve move include manual control, mechanical control, hydraulic control, electric control, and electro-hydraulic control (covers three successors: electro-hydraulic switch, electro-hydraulic proportional and electro-hydraulic servo control), etc...

In conclusion, there are three main categories of needle valve components, say, needle valve, pin valve, and gauge valve. Each category has its own characteristic and use.

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